Friday, 30 July 2010

Corian worktops, why every kitchen should have one.

The 1st matter to be mindful of is that Corian is the trade name, not a material or substance like Quartz. This may appear obvious, but a surprising amount of individuals do not understand that. Corian is a trade name that relates to a range of acrylate resin kitchen worktops, manufactured employing particular materials in a specific manner.

Corian worktops are deep down acrylic worktops, only they tend to be set away inside their own class for the plain reason that they outperform the criteria most acrylic worktops fulfil, in terms of durability, thickness, warranty, versatility, strength or range of colours.

There is not really a lot you can not undertake with Corian, and it's the triple combination of versatility, style and strength that has resulted in a lot new fitted kitchens, new build kitchens and re-designed kitchens being equipped with new, purpose-made Corian worktops.

The thought of having ones kitchen worktops purpose-made may appear a bit excessive, and although it's certainly accurate that Corian surfaces will not be found in A budget basement for inexpensive kitchen worktops, the cost is just 1 way of considering the value of a countertop constructed from Corian.

If you are going to have a Corian kitchen worktop, you may as well have it constructed to ones particular requirements, as its durability means there's every possibility it will be around in the kitchen longer than you are.

Because Corian worktops are fabricated from an acrylic resin resin material that possesses a remarkably high tensile and impact strength and durability they could be formulated in a number of disparate processes. Corian may be cut, shaped, glued and even vacuum moulded, meaning that if you are able to conceive of it, a Corian countertop can be produced to your specification.

A lot individuals have utilised this advantage to aquire Corian worktops that comprise additional components traditionally added separately from the countertop, like splashbacks and drainage ducts for the kitchen sink. Corian worktops can easily be manufactured with curves or different third-dimensional structures, so having a curved back plate or splashback is easily accomplished, and not merely appears beautiful but importantly increases the cleanliness and hygiene of ones kitchen.

A different benefit of Corian is that there don't seem to be any seams or joints. Frequently it's the seams or joints within kitchen surfaces that are most inclined to harbouring bugs and bacterium that may present a health hazard.

But as different parts of a Corian worktop are connected together the material or bonding agent applied is the exact equivalent polymer resin employed in the fabrication of the worktop itself. This means that the consequence is a seamless joint, improving both the visible appearance of the worktop as well as getting rid of a possible health risk.

Corian worktops come with a 10 yr guarantee, which constitutes peace of mind in itself, but it's likewise comforting to think about the method in which a Corian worktop may be restored to keep it appearing as good as new. The material is exceptionally strong, and it would need a significant effort to harm the finish of a worktop formed from Corian.

All the same, kitchens are all but warzones, with weighty pans barging in to the surface, sharp knives slicing across the top and all fashion of tools or utensils exposing the work surface to a lot risks and perils.

In almost all cases when a worktop acquires a scratch, gouge or chip it's a matter of merely living with it, or replacing a big segment of countertop, that might not be a perfect match against existent surface sections.

Nevertheless, attributable the nature of the fabric employed, Corian surfaces can be mended just by employing the same polymer resin from which it's comprised, and which is used in the joints and seams, filling in the chip, abrasion or dent, polishing the surface and leaving the worktop as good as new, without any obvious join or discolouration.

For a kitchen that excels visually, and holds its own against the forces of a ferocious cook, Corian worktops give versatility, durability and style; if you are able to conceive of it, Corian can normally make your dream kitchen come true.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Kitchen Design 1950's Style

Kitchen Solutions Kent recently had a customer who was inspired by 1950 style American kitchen diners and wanted to recreate the look and feel of one in her own kitchen design, but have all the benefits that modern kitchen cabinets bring with them.

They used red high gloss base units on cream kitchen carcases and cream gloss kitchen wall units with retro style glass kitchen cabinets. The kitchen handles are in clear acrylic. The dining area gives a nod to a 50,s style dining booth.

Behind the kitchen doors there is a waste recycling centre, hidden internal kitchen drawers, pull out larders, deep pan door storage and the z ends offer easy access to the kitchen diner.

The factory assembled kitchen carcases came with all the internal fitments in place and doors attached for easy kitchen fitting.

So - what do you think - are there echoes of a 1950 style american kitchen diner in the kitchen design or not?

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Kitchens and music equals a great recipe.

Kitchens and music, when combined, can sometimes amount to more tham the sum of their parts. This video is very clever. I especially like the reference to tinned salmon about 2 thirds of the way through. This blog is still very much about kitchen design but sometimes it's good to have a diversion