Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Painted Kitchens, Bespoke Kitchens,

Kitchen Solutions Kent now design supply and install bespoke painted kitchens. The Bowfell kitchen comes in a variety of pastel shades that allow kitchen buyers to mix and match colours and finishes for a truly individual bespoke kitchen.

The painted kitchen colours are cornflower blue, dove grey, plum, liquorice, mineral, red berry, pistachio and wihite linen.

For more information on painted kitchens visit independant kitchen specialists.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

High Gloss Acrylic Splashbacks from Parapan

New at Kitchen Solutions Kent are these high gloss acrylic splashbacks from Parapan. Available in exciting colours like hot pink, citrus orange, mint and lime in 4 or 18mm thickness.

Supplied in sheet sizes of 3m x 1m at £269.84 plus VAT a sheet it represents excellent value for money because unlike glass splashbacks it removes the need for templating as it can be cut around sockets and switches on site.

For more information on high gloss splashbacks and kitchens visit Kitchen Solutions Kent.

Monday, 10 October 2011

New Kitchens | Pink Kitchens |

Here is another of the new kitchens for 2012 by Nobilia and available at Kitchen Solutions Kent. The range is Point and the door colour is pearl lacquer. The effect is that of a subtle pink kitchen which, depending on the treatment with handles, plinth, worktops and lighting can look cool and sophisticated , as in the image below, or a bit like the hot pink kitchen you could imagine being owned by Elvis.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New 2012 German Kitchens from Nobilia

The new kitchens for 2012 from Nobilia are now avalable at Kitchen Solutions Kent. The kitchen shown below is Horizonte Fineline. The new kitchen door is white honed lacquer behind glass. This gives an stunning ultra high gloss finish.

The kitchen design is interesting in itself. The ultra modern kitchen doors are teamed with a natural wood breakfast bar and have you noticed the mirrored kitchen plinths, that's how, at first glance the kitchen appears to be suspended in the air.

To see this and other new 2012 kitchens from Nobilia visit Kitchen Solutions Kent a specialist in German kitchens.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nobilia Kitchens Plinth Drawers

Here is a great idea for kitchens of any size, but especially small kitchens where storage space is at a premium. In most kitchens all the space behind the plinth is wasted, and even in a small kitchen this can add up to a lot of space.

With a Nobilia kitchen this does not have to be the case. The kitchen plinth drawer shown above makes all of that space available for storage. Imagine the difference this would make in small kitchens. Even in large kitchens this would be an ideal place to store passports and documents, I mean who would think of looking down there..........

For this and other kitchen storage ideas visit Kitchen Solutions Kent, an authorised Nobilia kitchen dealer.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Fitted Kitchens with Free Standing Design Features

There is an interesting combinations of features in this traditional cottage style kitchen. For one thing the doors are white high gloss, a finish not normally associated with country style kitchens. The kitchen does however look like a farmhouse type kitchen doesn't it.

This has been achieved by using an interesting combination of finishes and features in the kitchen. One part of the kitchen is fitted in the normal way with a plinth etc, the interest in this part of the kitchen comes mainly from the differing heights used. The kitchen island is sat on quite tall exposed legs in a more workmalike and traditional manner.

The moveable butcher block trolley is in contrast to the white high gloss kitchen door finish but looks entirely in keeping. The overall effect is very pleasing, proving that country kitchens don't always have to be rustic in nature.

For more information on fitted kitchens visit Kitchen Solutions Kent.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

German Kitchens Storage Solutions

German kitchens from Nobilia have kitchen drawers and pull outs that are rated to take up to 55 kilos of weight throughout their lifetime. That means that you are able to store more than you might imagine in your kitchen drawers. Take a look at the following examples of how Kitchen Solutions Kent could help you re-organise your kitchen into a functional working and living space.

Our German kitchen drawer runners have a long service life due to precision steel bearings. The quadro ball bearing runners require no further care. The ball bearing principle ensures that the runners are self-cleaning.

These kitchen bins have an enormous waste capacity because the cargo plinth also makes use of the empty space in the plinth area for maximum storage. This leaves enough room for a “full scale” kitchen waste separation system in a minimum of space.

This large capacity pull-out with the 80 and 90 widths maximises storage space by making use of the otherwise empty space in the plinth area. This opens up enough space to store even beverage crates which may save many a trip to the cellar or supermarket.

In our German kitchens you will also find a large selection of waste systems for sink units of all sizes.

A great invention: The bottle rack is directly accessible and even removable.

For kitchen storage ideas and German Kitchens contact Kitchen Solutions Kent.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Champagne High Gloss German Kitchen

This champagne high gloss kitchen from Nobilia looks absolutely stunning. The kitchen doors are highly reflective because they are made from acrylic with a polymer edging all the way around. The most reflective of all the high gloss finishes acrylic makes the most of the available light in the room.

The champagne finish can be used throughout the kitchen or teamed with a contrasting cabinet colour like American Walnut.

Also available as a grey high gloss kitchen in a colour called antracite the range is called Imola. In the image below it is teamen with maple for a contemporary kitchen feel.

For more information on high gloss kitchens visit Kitchen Solutions Kent, a German kitchen specialist.

Friday, 15 July 2011

My work experience with KSK

I am Harry I am 15 years of age and I have been doing work experience with Kitchen Solutions Kent. So far I have learnt how a business runs and gets a profit. I have also learnt how to use C.A.D (computer aided design) to plan kitchens the one I have uploaded to the blog is one I actually helped design for a customer whose kitchen I helped to measure.
I have also helped doing general things like tidying up and fixing things but I had to call the foreign exchange people and change some money and get confirmations on other transfers. I had to do this and I am only on work experience, it is amazing. Having all of this responsibility has taught me to think things through a bit more. Today I am going to help update the website which I will like because I am into computers so this work experience has helped develop many skills such as:
-team working
-problem solving
-self managing
-business and economic understanding

So overall I have gained alot

Thankyou for reading .

This is the kitchen that I measured and helped design.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Handleless Kitchens - German kitchens

Handleless kitchens are the latest kitchen fashion. The sleek clean lines and geometric patterning that can be achieved with handleless kitchen designs result in a modern, minimilistic look that originated from Germany in the 1920's as a result of the Bauhaus movement.

The german kitchen supplier Nobilia has just introduced the Linera honed white handleless kitchen. Finished in a matt laquer the overall effect is more understated than a high gloss finish yet still emphasising any light in the kitchen. For this and more handleless german kitchens visit

Friday, 8 April 2011

Modern Kitchen Design

Here is a modern kitchen design that Kitchen Solutions Kent have recently completed for a client in Kent. The kitchen is a really nice room and combines space for cooking, eating and recreation. To make the most of the light they used a white handleless German kitchen from Nobilia.

The large kitchen island contains a sink with instant hot water tap, a domino gass hob for searing meat and an induction hob for other types of cooking.

A second one and a half bowl sink in cast Corian is set into the Corian designer white worktop and a mirror is sitting on the coved upstand at the back. The extendable and flexible hose tap minimises water spray and wastage.

The pendant lanterns provide ambient light for the familly when using the breakfast bar end of the kitchen island and the modern kitchen design continues with power points recessed into the Corian worktop to keep the lines clean and simple.

The breakfast bar provides enough room for 4 people to be seated comfortably and to be facing each other whilst enjoying a meal or maybe some drinks.

A convection oven, steam oven and combination microwave, grill and oven sit at an ergonomically correct height and small kitchen appliances are housed out og sight in roller shuttered tambour units. In the modern kitchen design it's the attention to detail that makes the difference, for example the tasmbour units are pre wired with interior lighting and power points so that small appliances can be used in situ - without having to move them to another part of the kitchen.

The American fridge freezer sits between two pull out larders that have been pulled forward in order that the fridge freezer does not stick past the front of the tower units like you may have seen in other modern kitchen designs.

The area for the kids to watch TV has been design as an are for them but at the same time fits in the the overall design and style of the main kitchen area. So there you have it, a clean modern kitchen design that's really a familly room and reflects the clients personality and lifestyle. Modern kitchen design by Kitchen Solutions Kent

Monday, 4 April 2011

Recycled kitchen worktops

Recycled kitchen worktops now available from Kitchen Solutions Kent.

New, long lasting and environmentally friendly, ECO from Cosentino is made from 75% recycled content composed of glass, porcelain, ash and mirrors, bound by an environmentally friendly resin made partly corn oil. ECO performs highly against staining, scratching, scorching and is non-porous requiring no sealers. Available in 10 colors, ECO recycled kitchen worktops by Cosentino can be used as a green altenative to the usual worktop finishes in any project or design.

In each step of fabrication from manufacturing to installation, Cosentino is committed to respect and protect the environment. During the manufacturing process of the recycled kitchen worktops, 94% of the water used is also recycled, thereby reducing consumption of an important resource. All of the minerals used in the production of ECO come from quarries that are managed under strict stewardship programs and the extraction process is controlled to avoid emissions of harmful particles into the atmosphere.

Some of the advantages of Cosentino's ECO recycled kitchen worktops are;

Reduces landfill waste.

Energy savings by not using new raw materials.

Re-use of obsolete and discarded items.

Reduction of natural resources and de-forestation.

Reduction of water useage. 94% of water is recycled.

Emission reductions throughout the manufacturing process.

99% filtering of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

No solvents used in machinery cleaning and maintenance.

Advanced use of filtering systems.

Every product is reusable.

There are other green kitchen worktop materials on the market, but no other like ECO by Cosentino. ECO by Cosentino recycles materials that have reached the end of their life cycle, saving on the consumption of natural resources.

Manufacturing Process

ECO™ by Cosentino is manufactured at the Cosentino headquarters, located in the coastal town of Almeria, Spain. In every step of production from collating raw materials, to manufacturing, to transportation and installation, ECO by Cosentino has been created with the utmost respect and care for the environment.

The manufacturing process for ECO by Cosentino begins with the salvaging raw materials that have reached the end of their life cycle, including: mirrors from houses, building and factories; glass from windows and bottles; granulated glass from consumer recycling practices; porcelain from china, tiles, sinks, toilets and decorative elements; and industrial furnace residuals from factories in the form of crystallized ashes.

These materials are sourced from independent sustainable waste management organizations throughout Europe where they undergo an extensive cleaning process which ensures that all glues, silicones and other hazardous materials have been properly removed. The raw materials are then sorted by category and stored in tower silos.

The raw materials are poured into a five color mixer and combined with Cosentino's proprietary eco-friendly resin. This novel resin is composed of 22% corn oil. The resin is the outcome of a major research and development initiative and is unmatched in the worktop surfacing industry. The raw materials and resin are bound together, poured on to a conveyor belt and compressed using a vibrocompressor system. Through this technology, the mixture is compressed at a pressure of 3000lbs per square cm, removing all air pockets from the particles and creating a compact dense slab.

The slab is baked in an oven for 2 hours. Once removed, the slab is left to cool for two days to avoid possible cracks or damage to the integrity of the worktop. Once cooled the slab is calibrated and polished with a diamond blade to add shine and lustre.

The finished product is an eco-friendly, recycled kitchen worktop, highly durable, and extremely stylish surfacing material that can be fabricated for use in any residential or commerical kitchen project.

These eco friendly, green recycled kitchen worktops material are now available throughout Kent and the South East from Kitchen Solutions Kent.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Black High Gloss Kitchen Design

Here's a a nice twist on a black high gloss kitchen. When teamed with other colours, in this case zebrano and stainless steel a whole new look can be achieved. In the image below you can see that the designer has adhered to some fundamentals of kitchen design.

There are three primary blocks of colours used in the kitchen design. The high gloss black doors, the matt finish of zebrano and the stainless steel plinths and complimentry grey finished walls. The overall effect is a pleasing harmony the emphasises the black high gloss door colour without allowing it to dominate the room.

Prima high gloss black and zebrano kitchens available now from Kitchen Solutions Kent a german kitchen specialist.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

German kitchens in walnut or oak.

New from Nobilia german kitchens in 2011 is the Design range of solid wood framed doors. For the first time the German kitchen manufacturer has ventured into the world of solid wood kitchens after spending a significant period of time ensuring that the same high standards of quality control they achieve with their synthetic finishes could be replicated with natural products.

The Design range from Nobilia is available with solid wood frames and veneered centre panels in oak or walnut. Seen below, the walnut door is teamed with white Corian worktops and a butler sink in the island for a cross between a traditional and contemporary kitchen look. Available now at Kitchen Solutions Kent a German kitchen specialist.

Design walnut german kitchen from Nobilia

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Quartz Worktops Kent - Special Offer

Spend £3000.00 on Nobilia german kitchen cabinets with Kitchen Solutions Kent and get 50% off Compaq quartz Ceniza worktops. RRP £210 per square metre - offer price £110 per square metre while stocks last.

Visit for this and other quartz worktops in Kent special offers.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Kitchens Direct from Germany

We import our kitchens direct from Nobilia's factory in Westphalia Germany. Each item is barcoded and loaded on to a 40ft articulated lorry and delivered to our distribution specialists Borzoi Express who are based in Sidcup in Kent.

Borzoi Express are specia1ist kitchen distributors. They check off our deliveries using thae same scanning system and then store them safely and securely on pallets ready for delivery of our kitchens direct to your home in a appropriately sized vehicle.

They provide a two man delivery service and always go the extra mile to make sure that our kitchen deliveries go as smoothly as possible. They have even arranged crane hire for some deliveries to particularly awkward addresses in Central London.
So for german kitchens direct to your door try Kitchen Solutions Kent and Borzoi Express.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Kitchens Essex Creative Property Styling

Kitchen Solutions Kent have a new partner supplying kitchens in Essex. Creative Property Styling have many years experience in kitchen design and fitting and are based in Stock near Billericay. that means they can offer a free kitchen design service that covers all of Essex from Southend to Romford and Colchester to Harlow.

Kitchens in essex supplied by Creative Property Styling

Find out more about Essex kitchens and arrange a free no obligation home consultation here.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

German kitchen of the week - Horizonte mikado glass high gloss.

We have decided to run a kitchen a week feature on some of the stunning German kitchens Kitchen Solutions Kent design, supply and install. we are kicking of with a new kitchen range introduced for 2011. The range is called Horizonte and the latest edition to it is Mikado in glass with an abstract design printed on the door behind the glass front.

The image doesn't really do the Horizonte door justice. It looks really stunning when used as an accent with white high gloss kitchen doors. More german kitchens to follow next week.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Corian Worktop Sale, Kent, Essex, London

Latest Corian worktop offer FREE 804 Corian cast sink and Caple Aspen pull out spray tap when you spend £2k or more on your Corian Worktop. Ends 31/10/11. Visit at Corian worktops for more details.

Below are some details of the properties and versatility of Corian.

Since its introduction in 1967, DuPont™ Corian® has proved itself to be a remarkably durable material that is easy to live with. It cannot delaminate and stands up well to daily wear and tear.It resists most of the impacts, nicks and cuts that occur in heavy traffic areas. Corian® has been tested for its mechanical, thermal, electrical and other surface properties. Please consult online at on the Specification datasheet the results of these specific tests as well as details on the other physical properties of Corian®.

DuPont™ Corian® is a non-porous material. It is solid through its entire thickness and can be fabricated with inconspicuous seams, rendering its surface hygienic. DuPont™ Corian®
surfaces do not support the growth of bacteria or fungi. Corian® has been certified by an independent laboratory as a hygienic material according to the international norm DIN EN ISO 846.

Surfaces in DuPont™ Corian® are renewable, meaning they can be fully restored with ordinary mild abrasive cleansers and a scouring pad. Cigarette burns, for example, can be easily
removed in this way. Damage caused by abuse can usually be repaired on site without having to completely replace the material.

DuPont™ Corian® is an inert and nontoxic material. Under normal temperature conditions, it does not emit gases. When burned, it releases mainly Carbon Oxides and the smoke generated is
optically light and does not contain toxic halogenated gases. Because of these properties, Corian® is used in public areas and for sensitive applications suchas airport check-in counters, walls and work surfaces in hospitals and hotels.

Colours and patterns run through the entire thickness of the material and cannot wear away. DuPont™ Corian® is a solid material and cannot delaminate.

The applications for DuPont™ Corian® are limited only by your own imagination. Pieces of Corian® can be glued together inconspicuously to create a seamless look, giving virtually unlimited design possibilities for surfaces. Long counters, for example, can be easily made in
pieces in a workshop and then joined together at the installation site. Edges can be built up to look thicker.

DuPont™ Corian® can be thermoformed in wooden or metal moulds at controlled temperatures in order to create various 2D and 3D design objects. Embossing effects can also be created using the Bas Relief technique.

The translucency of DuPont™ Corian® is especially striking in the lighter colours as well as with thinner sheets. Many designers are now using the material to create lamps or lighting effects in
various applications. The colour family, called the Illumination Series, consists of 6 colours in 6 mm and 12 mm sheets featuring enhanced translucency to be used for creating special lighting effects.

DuPont™ Corian® can be worked like hardwood and using similar tools. Most DuPont™ Corian® fabricators originally trained as carpenters.

The colours of Corian® allow for an almost unlimited working palette. You can choose a single colour; a neutral basis for design; or experiment with eyecatching harmonies. Corian® can also be used as inlays, accents, or as a versatile complement to other materials like metal, wood, stone, etc.

DuPont™ Corian® is manufactured in compliance with strict standards in order to limit waste and energy consumption at all stages of the production process. Both the material itself and the
adhesives and sealants used to install it are GREEN GUARD Indoor AirQuality
Certified® as producing low VOC emissions.