Thursday, 20 December 2012

Induction introduction

Precision, speed and convenience in the kitchen are prized assets of modern life.  And for those characteristics many people choose and use the traditional gas hob.

But when the much loved gas is not available, or not desired, can modern electric hobs fill the void and match the responsiveness and speed of gas. 

Welcome to the induction hob.  Powered by electricity, they can be twice as fast as a conventional gas hob, are more economical and much safer. 

With induction hobs magnetic induction heats the pan, not the hob.   So only the bottom of the pot gets hot, and the hob surface only heats where it is in contact with the pot.  Accordingly, any hob surface not in touch with the pot stays cool and safe to touch. And once the pot has been removed from the induction zone, or the induction zone has been switched off, the temperature of the hob surface drops rapidly. 

Instant fingertip control means there is no danger of the pot contents boiling over once you turn the power down.  Just like a gas hob.   But unlike a conventional gas hob you have a cooler solid glass surface.  So once the surface has cooled, cleaning takes a quick wipe with a damp cloth followed by a wipe with some glass cleaner for that "as new" shine.  And that should be that.

Any pot with a ferromagnetic bottom can be used for cooking on an induction hob.  This can be easily checked with an ordinary fridge magnet; if the magnet sticks to the pot base then you can use the pot on an induction hob.

So remember, it's the pot that gets hot not the hob. Meaning the hob uses less energy, improves kitchen safety, and provides a wipe clean surface.  Overlooked for many years, the induction hob may be the answer for those looking for speed, responsiveness, safely and easy cleaning all from an electric hob.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Laminate worktops, forgotten quality?

Laminate worktops are practical and highly cost effective, but still suffer from a image born of poor 1970's quality and ugly metal joining strips. 

But time, and quality, have come a long way with a modern German laminates now providing a quality alternative to the more expensive stone or composite offerings. 

Modern bespoke design, the ability to form the worktop to virtually any shape, including circular, and the availability of many colours means they provide a flexible and inexpensive solutions to your worktop choice.  In fact, German laminates from Nobilia are manufactured to your design from your kitchen plans.  So if you can draw it, Nobilia can make it. No more cutting and fitting on site.

And these modern laminates only need to be joined when they negotiate corners. Even then, with a proper mitre fixing, this only leaves a hair line join.

Nobilia laminates are available up to a maximum length of 5.1 metres with a maximum thickness of 1170mm but also down to 13mm in slim line form.  They offer a good quality, cost effective alternative to more traditional worktop materials.

In fact a forgotten modern alternative that should be given much more consideration for a modern designer kitchen.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Top Drawer

It’s unlikely over this festive period, that kitchen drawer technology will be a major topic of conversation.  But if you’re considering a new kitchen for the new year, then it just may be worth a second thought.

The life of a kitchen drawer can hardly be considered comfortable.  Carrying home a set of good quality cast iron pans or a full canteen of cutlery can be the “eye opener” of just how hard these forgotten kitchen wonders have to work.

Fortunately, such details are not forgotten by our friends at Nobilia.  When it comes to the longevity of a kitchen, the absolute best is barely good enough, which is why, as from 2012, Nobilia made the innovative drawer system Profi+ standard equipment.

Profi+ stands for unrivaled smooth running action, extraordinary stability, comprehensive design aesthetics and versatile possibilities for equipment options. Even more storage space as well as easy fitting and adjustment possibilities are further plus points for this one-of-a-kind drawer and pull-out system.

Rated up to 70kgs, the Profi+ drawer system delivers effortless German efficiency and build quality.  A pleasant working environment in the kitchen has a lot to do with perfect organisation, so while a good quality drawer system may not be your holiday hot topic, it should certainly cross your mind when choosing your new kitchen.

Come and see the Profi+ at Kitchen Solutions Kent.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Worktops from the first millennia

Very few products are able to remain unchanged over time, and keep the properties of resistance, durability and looks without change.   But that’s exactly what ceramics can do. Ceramics are familiar to us all and have been made by man over many millennia. And now you can add those superb, enduring ceramic properties to your kitchen worktops.

Kent KitchenSolutions are able to offer Neolith ceramic counter tops by THESIZE.

THESIZE has created Neolith; a high performance, large format, slim porcelain slab technology. But why choose a Neolith ceramic worktop for your home?  Well you may like to consider a few characteristics of Neolith ceramics:

  • 100% Natural mineral composition
  • Non absorbent; near 0% water absorption
  •  Lightweight; 7kgs/m2 in 3mm thickness
  • Easy to clean; impervious to chemicals
  • Hygienic; food safe
  • Resistant; fire and high temperature resistant, Neolith does not emit toxic fumes when exposed to fire.
  • Green; Neolith is recyclable and has high % of recycled content
  • Flex resistant; Neolith has a high flexural strength
  • Freeze and thaw resistant
  • Chromatic property; Neolith colours are mineral based and do not fade with UV exposure
  • Heavy duty; Neolith resists high traffic abrasion

For flexibility NeoLith ceramics come in a range of formats:

  • XSS:    300x600mm
  • XS:      600x600mm
  • XM:     600x1200mm
  • XL:      1200x1200mm
  •  XXL:   1200x3600mm

(NeoLith is the largest high performance porcelain slab on the market at 3600x1200mm)

And NeoLith slabs are available in 3 thicknesses: 3mm, 5mm, or 10mm with or without reinforcing fibreglass backing.  But for added flexibility the slabs can be laminated: 3+3mm, 5+3mm, and 5+5mm.

With a wide choice of colours to suit all aesthetics why not consider ceramics for your home.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Welcome Masterclass

Kitchen Solutions Kent welcomes Masterclass to their range of quality, affordable kitchens.

Offering 46 distinct ranges – everything from sleek, high gloss style statements to more classic and elegantly finished solid wood with traditional features. All Masterclass kitchens are made to order by highly experienced specialists and supplied fully assembled with soft close as standard. Masterclass also have a 10 year warranty for your complete peace of mind.

Made in the UK since 1975, Masterclass use the latest technology combined with traditional manufacturing techniques to produce a quality product with a superb finish.

Offering a more traditional range and style than many continental manufacturers, Masterclass kitchens have over 35 years experience and expertise.  All their kitchens are made in the UK at their state of the art South Wales manufacturing facility.

There's over 200 different doors to choose from to suit all tastes, styles and budgets. A wide selection of creative storage solutions make the best use of your space while more challenging designs can be developed bespoke, no matter how unusual or awkward the space may be.

Quality materials, highest standards of manufacture and supplied ready assembled with their 10 year warranty on all cabinets, hinges and drawers means you can have total peace of mind.