Friday, 15 July 2011

My work experience with KSK

I am Harry I am 15 years of age and I have been doing work experience with Kitchen Solutions Kent. So far I have learnt how a business runs and gets a profit. I have also learnt how to use C.A.D (computer aided design) to plan kitchens the one I have uploaded to the blog is one I actually helped design for a customer whose kitchen I helped to measure.
I have also helped doing general things like tidying up and fixing things but I had to call the foreign exchange people and change some money and get confirmations on other transfers. I had to do this and I am only on work experience, it is amazing. Having all of this responsibility has taught me to think things through a bit more. Today I am going to help update the website which I will like because I am into computers so this work experience has helped develop many skills such as:
-team working
-problem solving
-self managing
-business and economic understanding

So overall I have gained alot

Thankyou for reading .

This is the kitchen that I measured and helped design.