Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Illuminated Glass Splashback

LiteTile Illuminated Glass Splashback

We like this alot! This illuminated glass splashback has inset, low cost LED lighting and produces a truly stunning effect in any kitchen.

Traditional glass splashbacks are available in any colour and look great. They can be used in certain areas of the kitchen or on all the kitchen walls. They are easy to keep clean, provide a water tight barrier and with carefully chosen colours really set a kitchen off. The only drawback with them is that if you get fed up with your original choice you have the expense of replacing them

LiteTile illuminated glass splashbacks get around this problem, you just use the remote control to change the colour of your splashback whenever you want. In plain white light the splashback provides an interesting and unusual solution for task lighting in the kitchen. You can use other colours to suit your mood or set the tone in your kitchen as you please.

LiteTile is available in three options:

Option 1: Single colour, eg white, red, blue, green etc.

Option 2: White and colour-changing LEDs

Option 3: Colour-changing only

If you are reasonably handy you can fit this splashback yourself but if Kitchen Solutions kent is installing your kitchen they can also undertake the installation of your illuminated glass splashback.


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