Sunday, 29 November 2009

Elica 50mm Slimline chimney extractor hood.

We can supply all major brands of kitchen appliances and have just added Elica to our portfolio. We were particularly keen to do this because they are one of the few brands to supply a 500mm chimney extractor hood. They are really useful in smaller kitchens where slimeline ovens and hobs may be required, but they are difficult to find. So one more kitchen solution added to our toolkit. Details of the Turboair Battistero 500mm wide extractor below.

Friday, 27 November 2009

New Kitchen Ranges for 2010 from Noblessa by Nobilia

Available now from Kitchen Solutions Kent, the new 2010 kitchen ranges from Noblessa by Nobilia. Building on an already broad and exciting product portfolio the 2010 range additions focus on increasing the use of glass and clever kitchen design features.

By its very nature glass is a wonderful material to use in kitchen design. Transparency and weightlessness are the desired effects. Even more creative leeway comes from the latest colour palette for kitchen doors with a solid glass appearance. Whether used to accentuate or to dominate – with "colourless colours" or combined together with new trend colours – kitchen planning becomes quite an adventure.

The fact that kitchen ambiance today encompasses so much more than purely functional aspects
could be attributed to the advancement in the status of kitchens. Kitchens have matured, coming
into their own as fully-fledged living areas in the home. They reflect the lifestyle and personal
preferences of their owners. Over many years Nobilia have devoted themselves to not only to developing functional innovations, but above all to shaping the kitchen into a living environment all its own

Nothing reflects this better than their current Kitchen Collection 2010. Modern architecture,
ingenious floor plans and forward-looking design ideas are the creative playground where
individualised kitchens grow up.

Visit Kitchen Solutions Kent to see the entire Noblessa by Nobilia Kitchen Collection.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

High Gloss kitchen door finishes

High gloss kitchens are the ultimate in contemporary kitchen design. They give a stunning, very clean look if planned and fitted in the right way. However, the choice of kitchen door, colour and worktop that you fit will greatly influence the look.

Their are more than one type of gloss finish for a kitchen door. The most common ones on the market are:

Melamine (Also known as a High Pressure Laminate - HPL)

Vinyl (PVC)


High Gloss Lacquer

Generally the more glossy the finish the higher the cost. Most doors on the market are either Melamine or PVC.

Melamine is the lowest cost type of door and as a result is the least glossy. PVC is probably the most common on the market at the moment and has the main benefit of being able to 'wrap' around the door giving a seamless finish.

If you want a finish that is like glass then you need to go for either acrylic or lacquer.

Acrylic doors are sheets of acrylic fixed to an MDF door. This does give a finish like a piece of glass and does look fabulous. Have a look at this black high gloss kitchen (Starlight in Midnight black high gloss) to see what I mean. Naturally the price of these doors will be more than PVC, but the finish is noticeably better. One downside of this type of door is that it has to be edged on all four sides. Most people do not mind but if you are a perfectionist then a lacquer door is probably what you want.

Lacquered kitchen doors create a finish that is close to glass, by painting MDF doors very much in the same way that a car is painted: A colour undercoat is sprayed with lacquer to give a deep gloss finish. A stunning example of this is the Highline handleless white high gloss kitchen, from Nobilia. It has proved to be our best selling kitchen in 2009 with white being slightly more popular than the cream gloss door.


The common choice is to fit granite worktops, because of the simple nature of the contrast. Black & white works because you can introduce any other colour without any clashing issues. Of course, this is not to say that that any other colours won't work, you just need to plan further ahead with the decor for the rest of the kitchen.

With wood and laminate worktop finishes, current trends at the minute are to have a dark walnut or Wenge finish tops. With laminates bamboo style finished are becoming more popular as well.

As for Corian worktops, colours such as Burnt Amber are fine and the new pastel shades of Corian look stunning on a gloss white surface.

If you are thinking about a high gloss finish in your kitchen consider using the expertise and choice available at Kitchen Solutions Kent. We have over 60 different high gloss kitchens in a wide range of colours, finishes and prices. Our service is free - what have you got to lose?

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Kitchen Ergonomics

We spend alot of time on our kitchen designs, not least because Nobilia kitchens allow for hundreds of possibilities, especially when it comes to ergonomic kitchen design. What is ergonomic design? Well for maximum comfort and efficiency different working areas of your kitchen should be at different heights. This can significantly ease back strain if you spend alot of time in the kitchen. Nobilia kitchen cabinets allow for your base units to be fitted at three different heights to achieve maximum comfort and efficiency. This technique is very rarely used in most kitchen designs, I bet you can't think of one that you have seen in someone's house.

That's a real shame because it can make a significant difference in terms of ease of use. The well thought out and designed kitchen should be one that is designed around the needs of those who live in the home and the way they use the kitchen. The design should fit to your exact movements. This includes customized working heights for preparation, cooking and cleaning up. Ergonomic kitchen design should also take into account your present and future physical abilities so that your kitchen will always be able to live up to the demands of your lifestyle. The kitchen plan should also make sure that cooking ingredients and appliances are within easy reach, as well as provide adequate room to be able to walk between kitchen cabinets. Ergonomic kitchen design should insure that the kitchen is easier to work in and create less stress on the body.

Also any necessary safety concerns in the kitchen should also be addressed especially when it involves children and pets. The design should result in a kitchen that is not so much within their reach. Cabinets with magnetic locks and a breakfast bar in the kitchen where children can be with mum while she is cooking are ideas to consider.

An ergonomic kitchen design should result in creating a kitchen that is both comfortable and convenient for you to use. The kitchen design should provide good economy of movement, convenience of location and be able to go from storage to dining in a smooth fashion. It is important that it do this well because being able to entertain guests near and even in the kitchen has become part of the more demanding lifestyles we have today. So if this article has given you food for thought consider contacting Kitchen Solutions Kent for your new kitchen design and installation.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Kitchen Worktop Options

Kitchen worktops have come a long way since the days when laminate was king. By combining form with function, they determine ambiance and practicality. Whether it's the classic elegance of granite or wood, a colorful solid surface or laminate, or the sleek feel of stainless steel, worktop options are many and varied.

Worktops are priced by linear or square metre, with template, delivery, and installation quoted in the total price of the worktop. Prices vary depending on texture, color, pattern, intricacy of edging, number of holes, sink type, and seams. Seams affect look and durability, and can lead to water seepage that warps wood and causes laminate to pull away from its substrate. A qualified, certified kitchen designer can help reduce joins and advise on the best solution for you. At Kitchen Solutions Kent you can visit our fabricators and granite suppliers to personally select the material to be used in your worktops and see how they will be manufactured.

Heavy countertops, like cement, natural, and engineered stones, are held in place with gravity and fixative, while other counters are screwed and glued. Since worktop pricing ranges from the economical to the astronomical, it's important to consider longevity, durability, maintenance, and price.

Concrete is one of the more dynamic products to grace the kitchen. It boasts texture and detailing unlike any solid product. It is porous in nature, absorbs stains easily, and must be sealed regularly. At an inch-and-a-half thick, concrete weighs the same as a granite countertop. But, since concrete must be poured and cured prior to installation, it's important to get it right. The worktop fabricator should first template then create the countertop from a pre-cast mold in a controlled factory setting. On-site casting might result in a one-piece installation, but will require major demolition should the countertop need to be removed.

Engineered Stone
Engineered stone is a quartz-composite product mixed with colored pebbles, polymers, and epoxy. It has an even pattern and more color options than natural stone. So, if a kitchen calls for more worktop space, it's easy to order the same pattern and shade. Quartz worktops are an extremely durable product that takes the heat, resists stains and costs about the same as granite.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is chic, contemporary, and noted for its association with professional kitchens. It is stain resistant, and the only surface that can be safely bleached. Newer applications include brushed or textured finishes that help camouflage scratches. Welded stainless-steel sinks create an integrated look, while splashbacks with corrugated patterns create dimension. Stainless steel, when attached to a wood substrate, becomes more sound resistant. Regular rolled edges, bullnose, or Marine edges (no drip), are standard. Stainless steel worktops cost between £250 to £400 per linear metre dependent on specification

Natural stone needs to be seamed, is typically sealed to protect it from damage and stains.. Granite is quarried worldwide, with colors and patterns that reveal the region and the geological conditions that created it. With granite worktops, each slab is unique, with random and inconsistent patterns. Customers may visit our fabricator to select their own slabs. Granite is graded for a host of variables including density, strength, water absorption, and acid resistance. Granite tiles are less costly but have more seams, while a 3/4-inch granite sheet can also be purchased and applied to a wood substrate for the same look at less cost and weight. Typical cost is around £200 per linear metre.

Wood has a warm and luminous appeal for worktops and kitchens. Oak, maple, cherry, red beech, walnut, teak, and mahogany are all hardwoods favored for worktop applications. Some wooden countertops are built with finger-jointed construction and installed with miter-bolted seams for added durability. Wood is one of the more sanitary products for the kitchen, with inherent properties in to protect it from bacteria build-up. Maintenance is required, however, starting with regular mineral oil treatments, particularly near the sink, and extra caution with extremely hot cookware. Prices for solid wood worktops range between £1oo to £200 per linear metre installed.

Solid Surfacing
Solid surface worktops, commonly known as corian worktops offer seamless acrylic faces with seams that are only visible from the underside. With solid surfacing, sink and counter materials can be integrated to create a fluid, graceful line. Solid surfaces come in a rainbow of colors, patterns, and styles, including stone and glass look-alikes. They are stain and heat resistant, with more edging and border options than natural stone. Scratches are easily softened with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad.

Laminate worktops are economical and come in a host of colors and patterns. Laminate is not usually scratch or heat resistant, but at Kitchen Solutions Kent our laminate worktops have twice the number of layers than normal and are much more heat and scratch resistant than most. Laminate is highly stain resistant and provides a good balance between cost and practicality.

Kitchen Solutions Kent - kitchen design - kitchen supply - kitchen installation

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Noblessa by Nobilia - where we get our kitchens from.

Quality made German kitchens, perfect processing, individualised customer service and good value for money are nobilia's success factors. With its sales figure of more than 706 million EURO and about 1,920 employees, nobilia is the largest built-in kitchen manufacturer in Germany. The two factories in East-Westphalian Verl count among the most modern and productive manufacturing sites for kitchen furniture in Europe. Almost every third kitchen sold in Germany is a nobilia kitchen. The export quota amounts 35 %.

Nobilia sets the highest standards in quality for its products. We take pride in the fact that our kitchens have been produced in Germany for more than 60 years. More than 2,000 kitchens leave the plant every day. This is equivalent to 445,000 kitchens annually - or to put it another way: approx. 4.4 million units. Each nobilia kitchen is unique - individually planned and produced on highly automated machines. The high degree of automation guarantees a consistently high quality level at attractive prices.

The nobilia range offers a wide spectrum. From modern kitchens to trendy, classical and timeless, high gloss kitchens through to the Mediterranean cottages style - nobilia kitchens cover about 80 percent of the market. A cleverly structured range of types enables individualised kitchen design solutions, tailor-made to perfectly fit every kitchen floor plan.

Maintaining our own fleet of vehicles offers a series of advantages for our trade partners compared to the widespread use of transportation companies, and meets our own quality claims. Important success factors, such as the delivery quality of our kitchens and delivery on time remain in our hands allowing us to flexibly respond to customer requests and special wishes.

Kitchen Solutions Kent is an authorised trading partner of Nobilia and services customers throughout Kent and the South East of England

The basics of kitchen design.

Kitchen organisation ideas –

Are You Designing Your Kitchen?

A kitchen is the central headquarters for the family. The kitchen is often the showplace of the home, and yet it is required to function well for a wide variety of tasks. A well-equipped, beautifully clad kitchen provides both a sense of well-being and a statement in the home. As you plan your new kitchen, you should consider practicality and style

Kitchen organisation ideas – choose the one that suits you best!
When thinking of ideas for your new kitchen, you could either study one part of the kitchen at a time or pick up a complete theme. A complete theme could be something like a organisation based on Feng Shui which incorporates all its principles. Feng shui concerns the art of placement and could support you to arrange your kitchen in a way that enhances its Chi. For instance, according to Feng shui, the cook’s back should never face the kitchen entrance so you must plan your kitchen accordingly.

Now according to the other way, you could choose a particular style for the kitchen floor, the walls, kitchen storage places etc. these could be finished in various materials depending upon the amount of money you are willing to spend, the lay out of the kitchen and your taste. Here are a few specific organisation ideas for your kitchen –

* Kitchen floor- Your flooring could set the tone for the whole kitchen. The textural quality of the floor always appeals to eye and has a radical effect on the kitchen as a whole. For kitchens, the most elegant floors are tiles, stone and laminated or hardwood floors. Ceramic tiles are a premium product for a kitchen and represent an impressive upgrade over any other floor. The only disadvantage is the cold feel but this can be negated with underfloor heating.
* Kitchen Worktops – While choosing your worktop, select a color and texture that compliments your cabinetry, floor or paint selection. Don't be afraid tp combine one or more worktop materials. Complimentary colors and textures on adjacent surfaces create visual interest. Also remember, it pays to select a material, which will resist years of use without extraordinary maintenance and is easily repairable should an accident occur. Marble and granite worktops are strong options.
* Kitchen lighting – you might have a large ceiling fixture, equipped with energy-efficient fluorescent tubes that cater plenty of well-diffused general lighting. However it may overshadow the sink, range, and worktops. These areas in your kitchen may need task lighting.
Kitchen organisation layout –

The perfect arrangement

Kitchen design is very subjective, a layout that might be perfect for one home may be disastrous for another. This is primarily peoples tastes, habits, and requirements are vastly different. Thus kitchen layouts should be finished according to the necessities and specifications of the prime user of the space, who has definite ideas most how he/she would like their working space to be organised. But apart from this subjective outlook, there are certain steps that you should follow in your kitchen plan or layout.

Stages in kitchen planning.

Follow these simple steps in order to get an ergonomic kitchen with a desirable look
1. Measure your kitchen in a detailed manner, the position of the doors, windows, electric points, drains and sinks etc.
2. Demarcate the kitchen areas into three – Storage, cooking and cleaning. Plan the space, keeping these three aspects in mind.
3. Make a list of the kitchen appliances that you require in the kitchen, and provide room for them according to their dimensions.
Keep these three points in nous and then organisation your kitchen in a style that suits your tastes. Following are typical kitchen organisation layouts that are used –

Kitchen organisation layouts – Types

These are the 4 basic kitchen layouts that are generally followed when planning a kitchen –
1. Galley layout – This a narrow kitchen, where there are kitchen cabinets facing each other. One for storage and the other for cleaning and cooking. Make sure there is a minimum 1200mm expanse between the cabinet rows.
2. L shaped layout – This is a layout, where the rows are diagonal to one another, thus forming an L shape.
3. U shaped layout – this is the best pick for small kitchens and very practical too.
4. Island layout - This one on the other hand is meant for large kitchens. Here the cooking area can be completely seperate from the storage and preparation areas These are the different structures in which you could plan your kitchen layout. Make changes and alterations according to your preferences.