Tuesday, 9 March 2010

German Kitchens, design influences.

German kitchens and kitchen design conjure the words words sleek. innovative and modern. You could take these principals and implement them in your new kitchen by following some fundamental guidelines. The following are some of the things we take into consideration when creating a modern German kitchen design for our clients.

The secret of German kitchen design lies in having a general understanding of the work of Walter Gropius who founded, in 1919, a 'house of building' or 'building school' more commonly known as Bauhaus. Gropius was an architect influenced by the modernist movement. It's core beliefs were radically simplified forms, rationality and functionality and the view that mass production was compatible with an artistic free spirit. If you look at other entries in our blog you will see that Nobilia kitchens continue with this ethos to the present day. Beautifully styled German kitchens produced in a high quality, cost effective way. So. when creating a kitchen in the German style your mindset should be firmly planted in achieving a balance between functionality, architecture and aesthetics. The successful combination of these should result in a look that is part industrial, part domestic and characterised by clean, straight lines, the use of different heights and angles.
Materials used in the kitchen design and manufacture will commonly be high gloss laquers, steel and glass.

Base colours in the kitchen will probably be neutral enhanced by a palette of complimentary, not contrasting, suitable accents. The decor for the kitchen should be there to provide the backdrop for the kitchen furniture. In German kitchen design it is the cabinetry and worktops that provide the drama and contrast unlike the more comfortable, together look that you might strive for with a farmhouse kitchen for example.

Appliances lean toward industrial steel and the use of stainless steel or glass splashbacks is common. Often the splashbacks cover the entire extent of the kitchen walls, not just the areas behind the hob and sink. Kitchen worktops also tend to have industrial undertones, we often use steel, granite or Corian in our German kitchen installations.

Functionality is a key part of the mix and, for lots of our customers, the versatlie use of space and ease of access to every kitchen cupboard or drawer is one of the biggest attractions of Nobilia German kitchens.

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