Sunday, 25 April 2010

German Kitchen Cabinet Quality

Here is a reminder of the quality of the German kitchens available at Kitchen Solutions Kent.
The cabinets they supply are from Nobilia and they are completely factory assembled.

Each kitchen unit is supplied in one cardboard box, complete with doors, drawers and internal fixtures already assembled. The handle holes are pre-drilled at the factory to comply with the choice of handle the customer has specified. The adjustable feet are pre set to a determined height at exactly the mid point of the 2.5cm adjustment available.

All of this goes to explain why fitting a German kitchen from Nobilia is significantly quicker, cleaner and more cost effective than the products supplied by other kitchen manufactures. You open a box, position the cabinet against the wall, open another box and position that cabinet next to the previous one and clamp them together. Continue to do this until you have completed the length of that wall and then level the units using a spirit level and the adjustable feet. Screw the kitchen cabinets together and then fix them to the wall.

This is not over simplifying the skill and work required to fit a kitchen, after all there is still the plumbing, electrics, worktops cornice, pelmet etc to fit and a high degree of skill is required of the kitchen fitter. However further assistance from Nobilia is available in the form of factory cut mitres for kitchen worktops, cornice and pelmet so one can easily see that from both a kitchen fitter and a kitchen buyers point of view, the installation suddenly becomes much quicker and significantly cleaner, if mitre saws and routers, are not required to be used as much in the householders kitchen.

So save time, money and cleaning bills next time you change your kitchen. Fit one from Nobilia supplied by Kitchen Solutions Kent.

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