Sunday, 13 June 2010

Kitchen Design

Kitchen design has a number of challenges for the consumer. What style and colour of kitchen to have, what materials to use for your worktops etc. One of the hardest things for homeowners to do is visualize how there new kitchen design is going to look before finally deciding on some of those other things. At Kitchen Solutions Kent they use state of art kitchen design software from Planit who are based in Ashford. The graphics are superb and it means that their customers get a realy good idea of how there new kitchen is going to look before they commit to making a purchase. Not only does it provide great pictures of kitchen designs like the one above, it also produces a Quicktime movie so that people can have a virtual walk around their new kitchen and make sure that they are completely happy with all aspects of the kitchen design.


  1. Kitchen design lets you get your creative juice out of your system and put it to reality. Setting a design for your kitchen indeed entails a lot of planning and budget-securing. So before you step out to redecorate or remodel your kitchen, make sure to get the most out of the best opinions to make redecorating a wonderful success and experience.

  2. Ikea has a nice software online to design your kitchen. With a visual in hand you can now shop for the best quality and priced Kitchen Cabinets.

  3. I love tho have this kind of program you can already visualize the outcome. You can compare if solid surface worktop is compatible to your kitchen or not.