Sunday, 22 August 2010

Steaming hot water taps

As the kitchen sink continues to take centre stage in new kitchen designs, the demand for stylish, time-saving appliances like steaming hot water taps continues to increase. With convenience becoming a real buzz-word for kitchen design, since hitting the UK market steaming hot water taps have revolutionised the task of heating and using water in the kitchen and have become a popular alternative to the traditional kettle. But as the market develops, and consumer needs increase, category manufacturers will have to demonstrate both aesthetic and functional developments of these simple, yet stylish time-saving appliances in order to stay ahead of competitor ranges.

Brass and stainless steel still remain the most practical material for the majority of sink accessories, however the market is seeing the introduction of a wider variety of alternatives allowing designers greater creativity. There are now also a multitude of finishes on the market to help home owners find steaming hot water taps to match their kitchen and mixing taps. Our experience is that polished chrome and brushed steel continue to be the best sellers.

Because of the ease with which they can be mounted unobtrusively to either the work surface, or sink top, they offer a space-saving option whatever the tap's design. However, in line with predictions of increased demand for contemporary style kitchens, we envisage a trend, as for traditional taps, for much cleaner, simpler lines in steaming hot water taps.

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