Monday, 4 April 2011

Recycled kitchen worktops

Recycled kitchen worktops now available from Kitchen Solutions Kent.

New, long lasting and environmentally friendly, ECO from Cosentino is made from 75% recycled content composed of glass, porcelain, ash and mirrors, bound by an environmentally friendly resin made partly corn oil. ECO performs highly against staining, scratching, scorching and is non-porous requiring no sealers. Available in 10 colors, ECO recycled kitchen worktops by Cosentino can be used as a green altenative to the usual worktop finishes in any project or design.

In each step of fabrication from manufacturing to installation, Cosentino is committed to respect and protect the environment. During the manufacturing process of the recycled kitchen worktops, 94% of the water used is also recycled, thereby reducing consumption of an important resource. All of the minerals used in the production of ECO come from quarries that are managed under strict stewardship programs and the extraction process is controlled to avoid emissions of harmful particles into the atmosphere.

Some of the advantages of Cosentino's ECO recycled kitchen worktops are;

Reduces landfill waste.

Energy savings by not using new raw materials.

Re-use of obsolete and discarded items.

Reduction of natural resources and de-forestation.

Reduction of water useage. 94% of water is recycled.

Emission reductions throughout the manufacturing process.

99% filtering of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

No solvents used in machinery cleaning and maintenance.

Advanced use of filtering systems.

Every product is reusable.

There are other green kitchen worktop materials on the market, but no other like ECO by Cosentino. ECO by Cosentino recycles materials that have reached the end of their life cycle, saving on the consumption of natural resources.

Manufacturing Process

ECO™ by Cosentino is manufactured at the Cosentino headquarters, located in the coastal town of Almeria, Spain. In every step of production from collating raw materials, to manufacturing, to transportation and installation, ECO by Cosentino has been created with the utmost respect and care for the environment.

The manufacturing process for ECO by Cosentino begins with the salvaging raw materials that have reached the end of their life cycle, including: mirrors from houses, building and factories; glass from windows and bottles; granulated glass from consumer recycling practices; porcelain from china, tiles, sinks, toilets and decorative elements; and industrial furnace residuals from factories in the form of crystallized ashes.

These materials are sourced from independent sustainable waste management organizations throughout Europe where they undergo an extensive cleaning process which ensures that all glues, silicones and other hazardous materials have been properly removed. The raw materials are then sorted by category and stored in tower silos.

The raw materials are poured into a five color mixer and combined with Cosentino's proprietary eco-friendly resin. This novel resin is composed of 22% corn oil. The resin is the outcome of a major research and development initiative and is unmatched in the worktop surfacing industry. The raw materials and resin are bound together, poured on to a conveyor belt and compressed using a vibrocompressor system. Through this technology, the mixture is compressed at a pressure of 3000lbs per square cm, removing all air pockets from the particles and creating a compact dense slab.

The slab is baked in an oven for 2 hours. Once removed, the slab is left to cool for two days to avoid possible cracks or damage to the integrity of the worktop. Once cooled the slab is calibrated and polished with a diamond blade to add shine and lustre.

The finished product is an eco-friendly, recycled kitchen worktop, highly durable, and extremely stylish surfacing material that can be fabricated for use in any residential or commerical kitchen project.

These eco friendly, green recycled kitchen worktops material are now available throughout Kent and the South East from Kitchen Solutions Kent.

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