Friday, 16 September 2011

Fitted Kitchens with Free Standing Design Features

There is an interesting combinations of features in this traditional cottage style kitchen. For one thing the doors are white high gloss, a finish not normally associated with country style kitchens. The kitchen does however look like a farmhouse type kitchen doesn't it.

This has been achieved by using an interesting combination of finishes and features in the kitchen. One part of the kitchen is fitted in the normal way with a plinth etc, the interest in this part of the kitchen comes mainly from the differing heights used. The kitchen island is sat on quite tall exposed legs in a more workmalike and traditional manner.

The moveable butcher block trolley is in contrast to the white high gloss kitchen door finish but looks entirely in keeping. The overall effect is very pleasing, proving that country kitchens don't always have to be rustic in nature.

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