Friday, 13 April 2012

Black High Gloss Kitchen

Well, not strictly a black high gloss kitchen, more of a combination of black and white high gloss. We designed and installed this modern high gloss kitchen in an 18th century house just outside Maidstone in Kent, all tho oak beams you can see in the images are original. The outside walls of the kitchen are in white high gloss with black quartz worktops and the kitchen island is in black high gloss with a white quartz worktop.

The extractor hood is from Elica and the induction hob features and special wok cooking zone. Having 2 sinks in the kitchen allows for easy food preparation and cleaning.

The railing handles lend a particular look and make opening and closing of the deep pan drawers under the hob and elswhere in the kitchen very easy. Deep pan drawers are a very efficient use of space in your kitchen as, unlike a cupboard all of the contents are easily accessable.

The black and white quartz worktops contasting with the kitchen units they sit on are extremely hard wearing and very good looking. The worktop on the island had to be cut around on of the aged oak beams in the kitchen.

So, you see it is possible to design a very modern kitchen in a traditional property and achieve a very pleasing outcome. You can see more examples of high gloss kitchens here.


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  2. Lovely slick kitchen. The contrast of having the light shade is wonderful too. Great interior design ideas.

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