Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Alternative stone

Corian is the original stone alternative for worktops.  It combines natural minerals with a clear acrylic resin so is solid throughout it's girth, durable, non-porous and hygienic.   A template is required to ensure  millimetre worktop fit.  The Corian is then hand crafted so unique and esoteric creations can be installed in any space.

So what are the characteristics and features of this unique material?  Well being non-porous spills of oils and fats will not be absorbed leaving the worktop odour free.  It's solid throughout so scratches can be polished out and it will not delaminate, thus making it durable withstanding spills, scrubbing and extended hard use.  

And because of these characteristics it's hygienic.  There are no pores or holes to trap dirt and bacteria making it easy to wipe clean and keep clean with an off the shelf kitchen cleaner.

But it's best property is it's versatility.  As all worktops are template designed and hand made, it can be crafted into an infinite variety of shapes and designs. Rich natural colours with the translucence of stone yet warm and inviting to the touch add the finishing finesse.

And Corian is not just used for worktops! Wall cladding, upstands and window reveals can all be crafted. 

 Corian, the most versatile stone alternative.

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