Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Kitchen Storage - Uber Organisation.

So, is your kitchen disorganised, lacking space. Do you have to squat down to access those awkward kitchen corner cupboards? Nowdays we live in a world of ever increasing kitchen gadgets, must have pots and pans, toasters, breadmakers, waffle machines, juice extractors - the list is endless. We also have to act as part time dustmen, sperating our waste into different colour bags and bins. No wonder there seems to be a lack of storage space in all but the biggest of kitchens.

Well, at Kitchen Solutions Kent we have some kitchen storage ideas that make the most of the available space in your kitchen and help to organise all of those must have, must do things that go on in kitchens these days.

How about an under sink recycling unit that helps with that waste separation. This unit sits in a drawer that runs right down to floor level meaning the space behind the plinth is fully utalised.

These pull out shelves bring the contents of you corner cupboard right out into the kitchen for ease of access. This means you can store more than the old roasting trays and stuff that you probably have there now - and need to retrieve from the gap between the units that they continually fall into.

Or how about organising all of your crockery into one handy drawer unit with our variable organiser.

All of these storage units come completely factory assembled from our german kitchen supplier Nobilia. For more kitchen storage ideas visit our website.

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  1. desings are very i good and makes occupy less space and orderly storage