Friday, 1 January 2010

Kitchen splashbacks in glass.

Preparing a sleek clean kitchen environment with the provision of colour, interest and enhanced light is a challenging task. However, the task of decorating the kitchen becomes easier when the latest trend in kitchen decor, that is glass splashbacks are used. We all have a rough idea about the beauty of stainless steel and enamel splashbacks, which offer a practical if rather dark solution. But with glass, the level of impact and interest can be outstanding.

There are various colour options available from a beautifully clean and sharp zest green, to the deep and the seductive tone of fuschia pink, subtle calming sea blue to the elegant statement made by shimmering gold or silver; and many colours in between. In fact at Kitchen Solutions Kent we can get your splashback manufactured in any colour you specify.

Glass splashback panels are available in a variety of sizes to suit standard cooker widths and sit neatly behind the hob. They are siliconed to the wall, making them extremely easy to fit. Moreover, they are formed in very strong glass, which also makes them incredibly difficult to break!

You can fit glass splashbacks on the entire wall space of your kitchen, around electrical sockets and light switches to give a completely sealed, stunning looking finish to your kitchen. This is achieved by making a template ,once your new kitchen has been installed, and then having the splashback manufactured at the factory. Once this has been done fitting is simple and takes only a couple of hours.

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