Friday, 14 May 2010

Sexy kitchen extractor hood from Franke

Franke today features the latest Swing extractor in a whitened glass finish as well the dark glass finish. Offering an audacious statement which compliments the monochromatic colour scheme, the Swing exhaust hood supplies a modernistic and cosmopolitan style. The original hood has a chromium steel outer fa├žade which sweeps open in the centre to show bold, inset Illumination.

Internally, similar attention to detail is apparent. Its eight-speed motor – with it's ‘intensive’ setting alternative – touch control hood has superior technology, including optional remote-controlled function (making it ideal for open-plan kitchen-diners and those with particular needs). Additionally, its 24-hour perpetual ventilation system renders a steady stream of fresh air in the kitchen all day long.

Franke also provides aluminum cassette grease filters, that may be easily removed and placed in the dish washer, along with elective charcoal filters – the really most effective answer for controlling smells when installing the extractor in recirculatory mode.

Containing Franke’s top-end PRO drive, this hood is configured to be exceptionally muted without compromising on power. Kitchen Solutions Kent can supply kitchen appliances from any manufacturer of your choice.

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