Thursday, 13 December 2012

Top Drawer

It’s unlikely over this festive period, that kitchen drawer technology will be a major topic of conversation.  But if you’re considering a new kitchen for the new year, then it just may be worth a second thought.

The life of a kitchen drawer can hardly be considered comfortable.  Carrying home a set of good quality cast iron pans or a full canteen of cutlery can be the “eye opener” of just how hard these forgotten kitchen wonders have to work.

Fortunately, such details are not forgotten by our friends at Nobilia.  When it comes to the longevity of a kitchen, the absolute best is barely good enough, which is why, as from 2012, Nobilia made the innovative drawer system Profi+ standard equipment.

Profi+ stands for unrivaled smooth running action, extraordinary stability, comprehensive design aesthetics and versatile possibilities for equipment options. Even more storage space as well as easy fitting and adjustment possibilities are further plus points for this one-of-a-kind drawer and pull-out system.

Rated up to 70kgs, the Profi+ drawer system delivers effortless German efficiency and build quality.  A pleasant working environment in the kitchen has a lot to do with perfect organisation, so while a good quality drawer system may not be your holiday hot topic, it should certainly cross your mind when choosing your new kitchen.

Come and see the Profi+ at Kitchen Solutions Kent.

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