Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Hug For A Hoody

A kitchen extractor hood is a simple, easy to choose appliance.  Right?  Well, there are a few things you need to consider before you make that choice.

Duct-out or recycled?  So which one should you choose? The duct-out system expels both moisture and odours to the outside.  This makes them much more effective, circulating at least 30% more air than the recycle equivalent while not requiring charcoal filters to clean the air.  The down side is that they will need to be ducted through the wall to the outside involving significantly more fitting work. Recycle extractors, on the other hand, filter the air through a charcoal filter back into the kitchen.  They are quick and simple to fit and will remove the odours, but not the moisture. If possible, it is almost always better to choose a ducted hood.

Think about the practicalities before you choose. With either hood system think about where and how it is going to be fitted.   Is that ceiling sound and strong enough to take the weight of an island hood?  And, if ducted,  where will you route the ducting? If you want the ducting hidden will it go into the ceiling? Does your ceiling have joists and in which direction do they run? 

Consider noise! An open-plan kitchen/diners can enhance your entertaining pleasures significantly, but bear in mind that kitchens "in full swing" can be quite noisy places to sit.   So look at decibel levels for the hood and opt for a quieter extractor.  In other words, think of how you kitchen is going to be used and set your priority list accordingly.  An industrial hood will certainly clear the air but may not be the best company for a quiet glass of wine!

And remember to use your hood wisely.  To remove cooking odours most efficiently, turn on your hood before you start cooking and then leave it running on the lowest speed for a few extra minutes once you’ve finished.

Finally, don't feel an extractor hood is just a blank piece of steel.  Today you can have hoods that look anything but the traditional idea of an extractor. If you need advice, Kitchen Solutions Kent would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas and desires.  A little time in reflection over this simple appliance may prove most rewarding.

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