Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hidden Art

Small kitchens and small budgets need not dictate a style free kitchen.  With a little thought, a touch of modern technology and a capable kitchen designer it's more than possible to create a stylish kitchen in a small space.   Modern hideaway kitchens are starting to make there mark over here as they are well suited to those space and budget challenges. 

Light, light and light again

In a small space good lighting is an essential. Consider flush ceiling lights with directional spot lights for the cooking and work surface areas.   And fit lights under the wall units.  This will light up the work areas and give the units a floating effect.

Broad shoulders

Working surface will be at a minimum so consider fitting a wide island that can house the sink and cooker.  With suitable design you can fit an entire kitchen into a relatively small island, a kind of kitchen in a box!  

Smooth and silky

Keep the finish smooth and simple.  Minimalism is the watchword here as complex patterns will diminish the feel of space. Consider smaller appliances with minimal detailing, underfloor heating to reduce wall clutter, simple plain units,  and matching floors.  Hideaway kitchens are sleek and streamlined, so any appliances on show should be too.

And breathe...

All kitchen require good ventilation, but the key to success is to choose a hood that hides. Clean lines and simplicity in glass or steel are good for minimalism.  And if you choose that kitchen in an island then go for a designer hood that looks, well, nothing like an extractor!

Why not come and talk to Kitchen Solutions Kent and discuss your ideas.  What ever your design, it can always be hidden

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