Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Kitchen Ergonomics

We spend alot of time on our kitchen designs, not least because Nobilia kitchens allow for hundreds of possibilities, especially when it comes to ergonomic kitchen design. What is ergonomic design? Well for maximum comfort and efficiency different working areas of your kitchen should be at different heights. This can significantly ease back strain if you spend alot of time in the kitchen. Nobilia kitchen cabinets allow for your base units to be fitted at three different heights to achieve maximum comfort and efficiency. This technique is very rarely used in most kitchen designs, I bet you can't think of one that you have seen in someone's house.

That's a real shame because it can make a significant difference in terms of ease of use. The well thought out and designed kitchen should be one that is designed around the needs of those who live in the home and the way they use the kitchen. The design should fit to your exact movements. This includes customized working heights for preparation, cooking and cleaning up. Ergonomic kitchen design should also take into account your present and future physical abilities so that your kitchen will always be able to live up to the demands of your lifestyle. The kitchen plan should also make sure that cooking ingredients and appliances are within easy reach, as well as provide adequate room to be able to walk between kitchen cabinets. Ergonomic kitchen design should insure that the kitchen is easier to work in and create less stress on the body.

Also any necessary safety concerns in the kitchen should also be addressed especially when it involves children and pets. The design should result in a kitchen that is not so much within their reach. Cabinets with magnetic locks and a breakfast bar in the kitchen where children can be with mum while she is cooking are ideas to consider.

An ergonomic kitchen design should result in creating a kitchen that is both comfortable and convenient for you to use. The kitchen design should provide good economy of movement, convenience of location and be able to go from storage to dining in a smooth fashion. It is important that it do this well because being able to entertain guests near and even in the kitchen has become part of the more demanding lifestyles we have today. So if this article has given you food for thought consider contacting Kitchen Solutions Kent for your new kitchen design and installation.

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