Thursday, 5 November 2009

Noblessa by Nobilia - where we get our kitchens from.

Quality made German kitchens, perfect processing, individualised customer service and good value for money are nobilia's success factors. With its sales figure of more than 706 million EURO and about 1,920 employees, nobilia is the largest built-in kitchen manufacturer in Germany. The two factories in East-Westphalian Verl count among the most modern and productive manufacturing sites for kitchen furniture in Europe. Almost every third kitchen sold in Germany is a nobilia kitchen. The export quota amounts 35 %.

Nobilia sets the highest standards in quality for its products. We take pride in the fact that our kitchens have been produced in Germany for more than 60 years. More than 2,000 kitchens leave the plant every day. This is equivalent to 445,000 kitchens annually - or to put it another way: approx. 4.4 million units. Each nobilia kitchen is unique - individually planned and produced on highly automated machines. The high degree of automation guarantees a consistently high quality level at attractive prices.

The nobilia range offers a wide spectrum. From modern kitchens to trendy, classical and timeless, high gloss kitchens through to the Mediterranean cottages style - nobilia kitchens cover about 80 percent of the market. A cleverly structured range of types enables individualised kitchen design solutions, tailor-made to perfectly fit every kitchen floor plan.

Maintaining our own fleet of vehicles offers a series of advantages for our trade partners compared to the widespread use of transportation companies, and meets our own quality claims. Important success factors, such as the delivery quality of our kitchens and delivery on time remain in our hands allowing us to flexibly respond to customer requests and special wishes.

Kitchen Solutions Kent is an authorised trading partner of Nobilia and services customers throughout Kent and the South East of England

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  1. Nobilia's unique kitchen construction system is designed to allow for not only ease of installation but for a finished job of exceptional quality.