Friday, 27 November 2009

New Kitchen Ranges for 2010 from Noblessa by Nobilia

Available now from Kitchen Solutions Kent, the new 2010 kitchen ranges from Noblessa by Nobilia. Building on an already broad and exciting product portfolio the 2010 range additions focus on increasing the use of glass and clever kitchen design features.

By its very nature glass is a wonderful material to use in kitchen design. Transparency and weightlessness are the desired effects. Even more creative leeway comes from the latest colour palette for kitchen doors with a solid glass appearance. Whether used to accentuate or to dominate – with "colourless colours" or combined together with new trend colours – kitchen planning becomes quite an adventure.

The fact that kitchen ambiance today encompasses so much more than purely functional aspects
could be attributed to the advancement in the status of kitchens. Kitchens have matured, coming
into their own as fully-fledged living areas in the home. They reflect the lifestyle and personal
preferences of their owners. Over many years Nobilia have devoted themselves to not only to developing functional innovations, but above all to shaping the kitchen into a living environment all its own

Nothing reflects this better than their current Kitchen Collection 2010. Modern architecture,
ingenious floor plans and forward-looking design ideas are the creative playground where
individualised kitchens grow up.

Visit Kitchen Solutions Kent to see the entire Noblessa by Nobilia Kitchen Collection.

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